What is a Bandeau Bikini? - My Bikini Flex

What is a bandeau bikini? - My Bikini Flex

What is a Bandeau Bikini? 

A bandeau bikini (pronounced as band - oh) is a strapless piece of clothing worn around a woman's breasts. In modern times, the term most frequently refers to a garment that wraps or "bands" around a woman's breasts. It is usually part of a bikini or swimsuit, but is now also accepted as the top part of today's modern fashion wear when worn with pants or a skirt. It is similar to a tube top, but much more restricted in width. It is usually strapless, sleeveless, and off the shoulder however, a bandeau may come with a detachable halter strap, for additional support. Bandeaus are commonly made from elastic material to stop it from slipping down, or may be fastened in the front or back or may even be sufficiently elastic enough so as not to need a fastener at all.

The History Of The Bandeau

The bandeau is reportedly dated all the way back to ancient Greece & Roman times. During the 1940's the bandeau started to become more known as the top part of a two piece swimsuit but it wasn't until about the 1970's that the bandeau became more popular for both causal and sportswear. Today the bandeau is made with all kinds of stretchy fabric material like spandex and includes different variations such as one shoulder, halter top etc..

Is a Bandeau Bikini For You?

A bandeau bikini is definitely a suitable swimsuit option for both swimming or lounging on your next vacation. However, if you choose to take a dip with your bandeau bikini make sure it fits accordingly and is strapped nice and tight so it doesn't fall off!

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